Finish the workshop 'Et forem: Ondara apostem pel teu futur V'

20 people have been hired, who have received training as assistants in nurseries, gardens, conservation and improvement of mountains
The students of the workshop / Ondara Town Hall

Ondara The closing ceremony of the event has been held at the Casa de Cultura occupation workshop 'Et formem: Ondara apostem pel teu futur V', in which the participants have received their corresponding diploma. Rocío Briones, Labora's General Director of Training and Employment, and Samuel Sánchez, Labora's liaison and monitoring technician, participated in the event. On behalf of the City Council, the Mayor of Ondara, José Ramiro; the Councilor for Personnel, Raquel López, and the Councilor for the Environment, Pere Picornell, among other members of the municipal corporation.

It should be mentioned that the occupation workshop 'Et forem: Ondara apostem pel teu futur V' has consisted of 2 phases; the first of 6 months (from December 2020 to May 2021), and the second of 12 months (from May 2021 to May 2022). It has been managed by the ADL-Afic de Ondara, with a subsidy of 240,206 euros for the first phase, and 482,716 euros for the second (making a total of 722,923 euros) granted by the Labora - Valencian Employment and Training Service (Department of Sustainable Economy, Productive Sectors, Commerce and Work).

For its part, the workshop has been financed by LABORA GVA, the European Social Fund, and the Ondara City Council, the municipal contribution being 35,000 euros. A total of 20 people with labor insertion difficulties registered in Ondara have participated in it, who during this time have been hired through a training and apprenticeship contract.

The certificates of professionalism were delivered to the students at the ceremony. The Mayor, José Ramiro, has stated that "Labora has opted for Ondara to carry out these training courses and Ondara is committed to his people, who have done a magnificent job that has a real impact on the municipality." For her part, Rocío Briones took the opportunity to highlight the importance of Labora institutions, which are committed "to training employability, which is the basis for dynamic growth, supporting those people who need it most".

Through this workshop, its 20 members have received basic and technical training, in addition to carrying out work in forestry and gardening specialties. This second phase of the workshop has corresponded to level II (the first phase of 2021 was level of professionalism I). The people hired have carried out different tasks in the Segària public park and in the municipal parks and gardens department (such as, for example, the work for the creation of the new El Caracol garden in els Tossals).

In the gardening section, work has been carried out focused on the construction of the Caracol Park in the Tossals area. There, other municipal gardens and green areas have been maintained; reconsideration and movement of earth for the subsequent planting of vegetal elements, installation of park infrastructures; drip irrigation installation; construction of roads, squares and rest areas; placement of the bridge and the besieged of wooden sticks; plantation of trees, shrubs, plants and hydrophyte plants; phytosanitary control, and surface decoration with stones and rocks, as well as the installation of urban furniture (benches, tables, litter bins, posters) in El Caracol Park, which will soon be open for the enjoyment of citizens.

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