Teulada City Council advances in updating the RPT

The company exposed the organization chart to the members of the government team with the absence of the non-attached councilors and a PP councilor
The members of the Teulada Moraira government team who attended the meeting / Teulada Town Hall

This week has taken place in the Teulada Town Hall the meeting to update the current plan of the Job openings relations (RPT). The company in charge of managing it exposed the organization chart to the members of the government team of Teulada Moraira, with the absence of the non-attached councillors, Héctor Morales and Alejandro Llobell, and the councilor for International Residents, Sara Richardson.

The purpose of this meeting, as stated by the consistory, was to prepare a more detailed and up-to-date plan for the RPT. After this first contact, the next step will be the Job Assessment (VPT).

The Councilor for Human Resources, Verónica Martínez, has indicated that “we are focusing our efforts on improving the organization and, subsequently, the assessment of the positions of the council staff. We believe it is essential that our employees feel valued and comfortable in the performance of their duties."

The mayor of Teulada Moraira, Raúl Llobell, has pointed out that this is a project that has historically been in demand and has been in process since 2002. “As with everything, we must be constantly changing, adapting to real needs. For this reason, this renovation represents an essential step to improve the quality of the workers' working conditions, being a matter that is also highly demanded by the unions”, affirms Llobell.

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