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Calp denounces the deficiencies suffered by health care in the Marina Alta and demands solutions

They warn that the lack of psychiatrists is leaving important consequences for patients, their families and professionals in the area
Plenary session of the month of June. / Calp Town Hall

Calp reveals the deficiencies in the healthcare that the region suffers. In the ordinary plenary session of the month of June, held this week in the Calpino town hall, two resolution proposals were approved at the request of the government team, PP and C's, in which, on the one hand, more doctors specialized in mental health were claimed , and on the other, they required the oncological rapid circuit for cancer prevention to be installed.

It was the spokesperson for the Popular Party, Noelia Ciscar, who defended both motions, being especially critical regarding the lack of psychiatrists that cover the real needs of the region.

Císcar, who is also a psychologist, indicated that, today, the Marina Alta It only has two psychiatrists for the entire health area, and a single doctor specializing in children and young people in our health department. There are no psychiatrists on call either. Ciscar reported that the Calp Mental Health Unit has been without a psychiatrist for 8 months.

A situation that is leaving important consequences in the patients, in their families and in the professionals of the area, as the mayor remarked.

The popular spokesperson indicated that the situation was precarious before and now it is worse, "if before we were at minus four, now we will be at minus two, but the service is still deficient." Ciscar remarked that "we are talking about serious mental illnesses, about patients with schizophrenia who have not taken medication for months."


The spokesman for Compromís, Ximo Perles, was equally critical, who did not hesitate to indicate that the Marina Salud company "was not ashamed." Mercantil that he described as "pirates, who are dedicated to looting public coffers in exchange for providing a service that they do not really offer."

Compromís, in fact, presented an amendment to the motion attaching a report that accredited, according to the Valencianists, several contractual breaches by the company. Thus, Perles indicated that "Marina Salud owes us an expansion of the health center, and does not pay for it by making excuses for an oversizing of the infrastructure." The Valencian mayor regretted that they have spent years avoiding accountability for the staff to the Ministry, and it was the Generalitat's lawyers who issued a report considering that the sale and purchase of DKV shares in Ribera Salut had been illegal. In addition, he regretted that "however, neither the company, nor the Ministry, nor any of the political groups of Les Corts is doing anything to avoid this barbarity."

The Socialist Party supported both motions, and insisted that it had been the Popular Party that privatized healthcare in the Marina Alta, and that the Botánic government was betting that, once the concession ended, healthcare in the region would once again be exclusively public.

The Compromís amendment did not prosper, but the two motions presented by PP and C's did prosper, with which the Calp town hall demands that the concessionary company for the health services of the Dénia Health Area, Marina Salud, and the Conselleria de Sanidad Universal and Public Health, that give an immediate solution to this lack of psychiatric professionals and provide the region with the necessary doctors specialized in mental health to urgently alleviate the serious situation unleashed by this deficiency.

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