Primary Care in the Marina Alta faces the summer without enough doctors

The Union of Physicians warns of the lack of doctors to cover the care needs in the health centers of the region
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the CESM, Medical Union of the Valencian Community, warns of the critical situation with which the primary care, in it Dénia Health Department, DSD, faces this summer due to the deficit of doctors in the health centersas well as other health professionals. Víctor Robert, union representative, assures that the current situation in the region leads to the difficulty of covering the shifts of the doctors who provide their services in outpatient care centers, in a few months in which an increase in the load is expected care due to the increase in population suffered by a region like ours, a tourist attraction.

The union acknowledges that they are in talks with the service concession company, Ribera Salud, but management assures them that they cannot find doctors. The possibility of paying the optional guards extra has also been raised. But at the moment there is nothing concrete.

The concern of the professionals is evident, they feel exhausted and fear that the patients do not understand this situation. A situation that, by the way, can have an impact on their medical care, much to their regret for the professionals.

From the CESM they do not rule out going to the Ministry, according to Robert, who also warns of the lack of permanent doctors in the summer auxiliary offices that open on the beaches from June to September.

While hospital care, they indicate from the union, in principle it will be covered with the usual staff of the staff, but without the necessary reinforcements, when facing a summer campaign like the one we are already starting. Although the most serious problem, insists the CESM delegate, is in the health centers.

More cases by COVID

The evolution of the pandemic does not play in favor of this need for doctors either, taking into account that a rebound in COVID19 cases has been detected in the region and that health centers are the first place where infected people go, which increases the work of the faculty.

Open Negotiations

The doctors' union is open to dialogue with the concessionaire, in search of a solution to a problem that affects professionals and also patients. The objective is to be able to meet the healthcare needs of the population of the entire Marina Alta, according to Víctor Robert.

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