Calp asks the Ministry for a solution to a loss-making ambulance service

They reiterate their request to expand the ambulance service based on the actual population of Calp and claim the money disbursed
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The government team Calp, -PP and C's-, with the support of Compromís, has presented from the City Council and before the Ministry of Health two claims, prior to judicial proceedings, in which he demands a solution to the provision of the ambulance service in the locality, assumed by the Consistory despite not having competence for it, as well as the cost borne by the municipal coffers in this concept in the last four years, which amounts to 1,288,000 euros.

The City Council has made this decision due to the lack of measures on the part of the Ministry to "offer a decent health transport service that meets the real needs of the population” as highlighted by the mayoress, Ana Sala. The municipe affects the existing fed up in the city council in the face of a situation that comes from afar.

In the claim, the City Council proposes to the Ministry three possible solutions, on the one hand, the expansion of the service with a greater endowment of means, which would be provided by the regional institution, which is the one with competences in this matter; Secondly, it is proposed that the authority be delegated to the Calp City Council with the consequent financial compensation and thirdly, it is proposed to sign an inter-administrative cooperation agreement for the City Council to provide the service, after a favorable non-duplication report, which would also be financially compensated by the Generalitat via direct subsidy.

The Consistory has been contracting its own ambulance service for years to complement the provision of the Ministry of Health with the consequent cost for the public treasury. But both the Consell Jurídic Consultiu and the Municipal Intervention question the legal possibility that the Consistory contribute resources for the provision of a service for which it has no competence.

Although the truth is that there is a real need, which must be covered for the health of the population and to safeguard the lives of all citizens who are in Calp, whether registered or not. The mayoress points out that the criteria used by the Ministry are not adapted to the demographic reality of the municipality.

Commitment adds up

The presentation of these claims has had the collaboration of the municipal group Compromís. Its spokesman, Ximo Perles, recalls that the coalition has always voted in favor of bills to pay for this service, despite raising full objections, considering that this is a basic service. And he adds that he is willing to promote a claim against the ministry, even though Compromís is part of the regional government.

Perles stresses that there are issues that should be above partisan interests. And it gives a wake-up call to the PP, after trying to politicize other types of acts. The Valencian mayor criticizes the popular for trying to appropriate the tribute of a victim of terrorism.

For Perles, talking about the ambulance service is talking about people not dying on the streets, and that is why Compromís per Calp are determined, says their spokesperson, to do everything in their power to guarantee proper functioning service for residents and tourists. The mayor insists that the situation in Calp is the same as that of other coastal municipalities and that the Ministry must provide a solution to this problem, which is very serious. Perles agrees with the mayoress that the population figure on which the Ministry is based is not, by far, the real one.

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