The MACMA expands its wikiloc with more than 57 new urban routes through towns in the Marina Alta

The intention is to publicize the existing cultural heritage of the region and enjoy knowing the history

The MACMA, Through its heritage and culture work area, it presents the new urban routes that run through all the towns of the Marina Alta with the intention of publicizing the existing cultural heritage and claiming a visitor profile that can enjoy discovering the history and culture of the region.

The entity's heritage and culture technician, Nuria Gómez Bolufer, has highlighted that "some of these routes were already created by the different town halls, but others have been designed by MACMA to publicize the main cultural heritage of each town in the Marina Alta». In addition, he has continued to explain the technique, "it is essential for us to vindicate a visitor profile that seeks this type of experience, beyond the usual sun and beach."

The dissemination and promotion campaign for these new urban routes is supported by the recently opened sports area, since the characteristics of the rides that are now opening in the wikiloc district of the MACMA, allow healthy walks to be practiced, habitually, by the population of the Marina Alta, with a clear intention of promoting healthy habits for all audiences.

The walks include different proposals for all tastes and physical conditions. Thus, we can find walks of up to 13 km to visit the riuraus of Pedreguer, for example, up to 330 meters of walk through the stately homes of Ràfol d'Almúnia. In addition, all the routes run either through urban centers or along paved agricultural roads, thus guaranteeing their accessibility for people with reduced mobility or families with small children and cars.

The culture and sports technical team has designed a communication plan through which recommendations will be made every week to carry out the new wikiloc urban routes and, thus, discover corners and heritage of the Marina Alta while carrying out healthy practices.

Since the presidency of the Xarxa Esportiva of the Marina Alta, with Mar Chesa in charge, the initiative has been highly valued, "for the new Xarxa Esportiva of the Marina Alta it is essential for us to carry out and weave cross-cutting projects in all areas of the Mancomunitat and the routes are perfect in this sense, because they combine territory, culture and healthy practices for all ages. It is one of the axes to work within the Strategic Sports Plan of the Marina Alta that was carried out in 2021 and on which we are now starting to work ”.

From the sports area, with the new coach, Rodrigo Cano Colino, in charge, they wanted to highlight that "through Social Networks we will also take the opportunity to educate about the benefits of the habitual practice of walking, since it is a low-impact exercise that improves circulation, reduces the risk of heart disease, increases bone strength, reduces stress, anxiety... we improve our concentration and a long etcetera that we will tell you about throughout this campaign”.

For his part, José Ramiro Pastor, president of the Mancomunitat, highlighted the importance of investing in a local visitor who is respectful of the environment and the culture of our towns and their inhabitants. "In this sense, from the areas of culture and heritage and sports, some educational videos are being designed that will allow both the visitor and the people who live in the region to learn good practices of the good hiker and how to behave as users of these proposed routes. We can enjoy and make use of heritage, but we must be aware of the need to take care of our environment”, Ramiro concluded.

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