The Balenciaga exhibition in Xàbia seduces 250 visitors a day

'The Century of Balenciaga', in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of his death, is a journey through time and the work of the great fashion legend
The exhibition 'The century of Balenciaga' in Xàbia / Town Hall of Xàbia

The exhibition Balenciaga's century has taken off strongly Xàbia. According to data collected by the Department of Culture, the rooms where this interesting exhibition is exhibited have received an average of 250 visits a day since it was inaugurated last Friday, a great reception that demonstrates the pull and validity of the Basque artist.

Curated by Pedro Usabiaga, The Balenciaga Century is a journey through time and the work of the great legend of our country in the world of fashion. It will be on display until September 30 and, thanks to the sponsorship of the City Council, its access is completely free.

The exposure It is divided into three spaces: the Soler Blasco Museum (Calle Primicias, 1) recalls its origins and first works, while the Lambert Arts Center (Calle Mayor, 40) reviews its golden years with objects, photographs, paintings and representative pieces of their work (coats, day and cocktail dresses, evening and wedding dresses). Finally, the Casa del Cable (Paseo Marina Española, 6) reveals his legacy and the paths taken by his main disciples (Felisa Irigoyen and José Luis Molina, Villahierro, Ungaro, Courrèges or Givenchy) after the closure of the Balenciaga house.

This exhibition is part of the program dedicated to Cristóbal Balenciaga by the Xàbia City Council in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of his death while spending one of his usual stays to disconnect and rest in the municipality. Last Saturday, reputable voices linked to the world of fashion also met in a monographic event on the figure of Balenciaga in which Pedro Usabiaga, Amalia Descalzo, Mariu Emilias, Javier Martín and Ramón Tabares Ozcariz, Lola Gavarrón and the well-known designer Lorenzo Caprile.

In this forum there was also a round table full of interesting testimonials. Among them is that of Miguel Cardona, a taxi driver from Xàbia who from night to day became Balenciaga's personal driver, and went from driving around Xàbia in the early 70s to driving the Mercedes of the great master of sewing through the streets. most select streets of Madrid or Paris.

Cardona emotionally narrated what that experience was like - which he still remembers with great affection today - of spending a few months at the service of Balenciaga, whom he was able to meet in his most intimate facet and whom he literally accompanied until his death (it was he who took him to the hospital where he died).

All the conferences of this symposium can be seen in the City Hall YouTube channel.

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