The DSD is the third with the lowest incidence of COVID19, although the estimate is that infections will rise

Those who were infected by COVID19 between December and January should now receive their booster dose of the virus vaccine
Denia Hospital. / marine health

The covid19 in the Marina Alta, it is registering a favorable evolution, as confirmed by the Head of Preventive Medicine, Dr. Antonio Valdivia. The Marina Alta is in a lowest incidence rate than the rest of the Valencian Community. According to data from the Ministry of Health and Public Health, based on contagion figures for people over 60 years of age, the Community has an average incidence of 1,029 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, while the Department of Health of Dénia -DSD- It records 615 cases in the last 14 days. While in the last week there are 392 positive cases.

DSD is the third with the lowest incidence and the second with the lowest hospitalization rate in the entire Valencian territory. On Friday, there were 12 admitted with COVID19 on the floor at the Dénia Hospital. This is stated by the person in charge of Preventive Medicine in the region, although he also warns that the estimate is that these figures are rising slightly.

With this panorama, the only thing that Dr. Valdivia recommends to the public is that they take extreme precautions. Especially the most vulnerable people. The doctor insists that the mask and vaccination are the most effective measures to deal with possible infections by the virus.


The latest update on the vaccinated population in the Marina Alta, figures at 82% the people who have received the full regimen. Guideline that is different according to the age and state of health of each person. This figure corresponds to a report sent by the Ministry to the DSD about 2 months ago. Figure that is close to the average of the Valencian Community. The ideal would have been to exceed the 90% of immunized, indicates Dr. Valdivia, although as he also points out, not all the people who were summoned went to get a prick for different reasons.

The doctor explains that after receiving this report, vaccination has continued, in fact, those who were infected by COVID19 in one of the last peaks of the pandemic, between December and February, should inject a booster dose now, in July. With this situation, vaccination is being reinforced with additional days, always by appointment.


Children under 12 years of age received their vaccine during the course. Two injected doses, in most cases in educational centers, or in reference health centers. At the moment, the Ministry has not set the line to follow for this sector of the population, although as Dr. Valdivia explains, it is recommended to inject memory doses to minors with diseases that the coronavirus may aggravate their situation, or to children who are going to travel to countries that require demonstration of a third dose to enter.

Pending specific instructions, the doctor advances that he is considering the possibility of coupling the vaccination campaign against COVID 19, with memory doses, and that of the flu, around the month of October or November.

However, taking into account the current incidence, it is necessary to be prudent and responsible, especially in closed spaces, in crowds or with vulnerable people, where it is advisable to wear a mask. Fortunately, the panorama has changed since citizens were vaccinated, the number of serious cases has dropped radically and hospitals no longer suffer from the saturation experienced in the toughest moments of the pandemic.

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