Unanimity at the 9 d'Octubre Vila de Xàbia awards

The plenary session has ratified granting this year's awards to the Xàbia Artistic Musical Center, Esperanza Salvatierra Codina and Pep Segarra Marí
Voting in plenary session for the 9 d'Octubre Awards / Town Hall of Xàbia

The plenary session of Xàbia has ratified with the unanimity of all the parties to grant the awards 9 d'October Vila de Xàbia 2022 to the Musical Art Center of Xàbia, Esperanza Salvatierra Codina and Pep Segarra Marí.

A group with history such as the Musical Artistic Center de Xàbia for its presence in the social, festive and cultural life of Xàbia as well as for its educational function, dissemination of music and social cohesion.

At the individual level, a posthumous award is made to Hope Salvatierra Codina, a teacher for several decades at the IES Antoni Llidó and with an important background in local associations in entities such as the Housewives, the Red Cross or Amics de Thiviers. Salvatierra was also an active part of the Escola de Teatre, of the Teatre Garum group and was passionate about local gastronomy, on which she published several publications, thus contributing to the survival of recipes and costumes.

Already Pep Segarra Mari, ecologist and defender of nature, closely linked to the fight to preserve the Montgó and especially the natural environment of Portitxol, in addition to creating the route of viewpoints. A great athlete, he was a promoter and first president of the Joventut Basket Club, a great collaborator at a cultural level, making donations to the Museum of various archaeological and artistic legacies of the brothers -and his uncles- Segarra Llamas. A great promoter of the associative, hiking, cultural, sports and civic movements of the town, he was part of the mythical Xàbia Cultural Athenaeum in the difficult years of the political transition.

In today's plenary session, the 18 members of the new Municipal Sports Council have also been appointed, which are: David Ferrer Ern, Rafael Andarias Buigues, Julia Miñana Delhom, Irene Bolufer Cruañes, María Cardona Morant, César Rodríguez Macho, Olímpia Bas i Costa, Enrique Escriva Terán, Juan Luís Cardona Salvador, Rafael Bisquert Crespo, Antonio Soler Cruañes, María Engenia Bolufer Costa, and representatives of the Llebeig Athletics, Center Excursionista, Handball, Basketball, Tennis and Integral Time Fitness Group clubs such as spokesman for sports centers.

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