Sea and Beaches

Xàbia will inform about the maritime conditions to prevent risks to those who make excursions along the coast

The City Council will warn of the points with currents or breakers to avoid the rescue of those who venture or do not know the coast
Xàbia coast / Town Hall of Xàbia

The council of Beaches of Xàbia, with the collaboration of the lifeguard team of Red Cross, will provide information on maritime conditions through its Telegram channel to prevent possible risks that people who intend to carry out any activity may encounter. excursion by the coast

This forecast will be issued when the maritime and meteorological conditions advise it, detailing the points of the coast where currents or breakers can be generated in order to avoid dangerous situations for people who venture without experience or are unaware of the characteristics of the coast.

The channel is, the same one that the council uses to inform about when the capacity is complete in the coves.

Likewise, an infographic has been prepared on the basic self-protection tips when preparing a route, which range from having the mobile phone charged to be able to make any emergency call to having to notify a family member of the time of departure and arrival, rest and hydrate properly, make use of the official means to find out about the state of the sea and above all do not get into the sea when there is a yellow flag.


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