All the information to join and acquire the consumption vouchers of Teulada Moraira

From September 1 to 11, the registration period for businesses will be open and October will be the month to spend the money card
Informative poster of consumer bonds / Teulada Town Hall

From September 1 to 11, the registration period for businesses in the consumer bonds of Teulada Moraira. To be part of the initiative it will be necessary to register through the Web or by contacting Unión Gremial on the phone 613331719.

In the same way, from October 1 to 31 is the date set to spend the cards in businesses adhering to this campaign to promote consumption in local businesses.

In addition, to remedy the significant digital gap that makes it difficult for the elderly to carry out some electronic procedures, they have been enabled on September 13 and 14, to make an appointment by calling 613 331 652. This service is exclusively for people over the age of 65 years.

On the other hand, for the residents of Teulada Moraira, the delivery of cards by appointment will take place from September 19 to 23 in the hall of the assembly hall of the Teulada Town Hall; and from 26 to 30 in the Espai la Senieta building in Moraira.

Signature of agreement

last August 25 Unió Gremial and Teulada City Council signed a collaboration agreement. Thanks to this agreement, the council has launched the voucher campaign to encourage consumption in the local commerce of the municipality.

These consumer bonds of the Provincial Council of Alicante will be articulated through wallet cards, guaranteeing that any person over 18 years of age and registered in the town can access them through online or telephone reservations. Once the appointment is made, those interested may go to pick up their card at the voucher delivery points.

This campaign to promote consumption in local businesses is being carried out thanks to the joint collaboration with the Teulada City Council, the Alicante Provincial Council and the technical support of the Unió Gremial.

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