Xàbia requests regional aid to rehabilitate the Castell de la Granadella

It is a biannual line of the Generalitat endowed with 13.4 million euros and that subsidizes a maximum of 500,000 euros per work
The Granadella Castle currently / Town Hall of Xàbia

He Town Hall of Xàbia unanimously approves in plenary session to request the Valencian generalitat a grant to carry out the project to consolidate the Granadella Castle.

Specifically, the Consistory wants to opt for one of the aid offered by the presidency this 2022 aimed at promoting the protection, promotion and development of heritage and cultural revitalization, and the adaptation and renovation of municipal assets and spaces of the Community Valencian. It is a biannual line endowed with 13.4 million euros and that subsidizes a maximum of 500,000 euros per work.

The consolidation project of the Castell de la Granadella, the only structure for defensive use of public property that remains on the municipality's coast, amounts to 408,000 euros and has been ready since last year in anticipation that some line of subsidies will be called for heritage restoration. In addition to the consolidation of the remains of the fort, it also includes the recovery of the annexed cistern, as well as the landscaping of the environment to facilitate a better interpretation of the entire complex.

Likewise, the difficult accessibility of the place has an important weight in the budget since it makes the transport of materials more expensive.


In a first phase, it is limited to the restoration of the cistern, cleaning of the surfaces and a selection of the ashlars collected from the archaeological excavations that the museum promoted more than a decade ago.

The second phase already deals with the stability of the perimeter ashlar walls and the stabilization of the masonry panels that formed the filling of the Castell walls, while the last step would serve to fill in the interior, recompose the start of the spiral staircase that communicated the different aspects of the defensive structure and valued the unique elements that remain, such as the start of the vault on the first floor and one of the loopholes.

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