600 triathletes will meet this weekend in Xàbia at the Edu Monfort Memorial

The TriXàbia walks towards parity with a 30% of female participation and also sees the international registration grow
Presentation of TriXàbia / Town Hall of Xàbia

He Llebeig Athletics Club It starts its competition season this Sunday with one of the most important events in terms of infrastructure and participation. The tenth edition of the TriXàbia Memorial Edu Monfort, an appointment that will bring together 600 triathletes in the municipality willing to enjoy the combination of swimming, athletics and cycling in a space as special as the xabiera coast.

The test has as its epicenter the Arenal beach, where the swimming section runs and where the bicycles and runners start, whose goal is the David Ferrer promenade. As the club has explained, there will be two modalities: Olympic (starting at 8:30 a.m.) and sprint (starting staggered from 10:30 a.m.).

The pull of TriXàbia crosses borders and every year international participation grows, highlighting this year the athletes from the Netherlands (more than 10% of the total number of participants). The percentage of women also increases in each edition, reaching 30% of the total registration this year.

The test, in addition to being committed to the Environment - it has eliminated plastic from the aid stations - also shows its commitment to inclusion, adapting to people with functional diversity. This year there will be 6 participants in the adapted modality.

From the Club, Madelane Powell, Gina Kaktus and Vicente Soldevilla have encouraged the population to join the TriXàbia as an audience, cheering on the participants and enjoying all the spectacle that surrounds the tests, the transitions.

They have also asked for understanding for the necessary traffic cuts, which are concentrated on Avenida del Pla and Primer Montañar, recommending that all people who want to access the south of the municipality during the hours of the test (Sunday morning) use the road. Cabanes.

Those responsible for Llebeig wanted to highlight the great role that the more than 150 volunteers who will collaborate with Civil Protection, the Red Cross and the Local Police will play in the event so that the competition has the maximum security guarantees. They have also thanked the sponsors who support this triathlon and who will allow all participants to receive a very special gift such as a large-capacity backpack to carry all the material used in this type of competition (neoprene, shorts, shoes, etc... ).

From the City Council, the Councilor for Sports, Alberto Tur, and the mayor, José Chulvi, have congratulated the club for its great organizational capacity, assuming demanding and important competitions such as TriXàbia, which fill the municipality with athletes from all over the region and other parts of the country. But also for his day-to-day work, promoting the practice of sports among people of all ages.

The municipal officials have appealed for citizen cooperation in the smooth running of the test and encouraged sports fans to enjoy a test as visual as this one and which also pays a fond memory to the young Edu Monfort.

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