La Vall de Gallinera hosts the second edition of the Enclave Cinema conference

From September 23 to 25, a selection of short films from the Dona i Cinema International Biennial will be screened at the Benialí pediment
Conference poster / Vall de Gallinera Town Hall

Vall de Gallinera will host the weekend of September 23 to 25 the II Conference of Enclave Cinema, an initiative that is part of the global project Enclave Land Arte.

The artistic project was born with the philosophy of promoting the dialogue of the human being with nature to reinterpret the territory through contemporary art. The origin of Enclave Land Art is linked to the creation of artistic itineraries in rural areas, created through a two-week international artist residency.

Within the project, and with the aim of establishing a bridge between the territory and contemporary art, the second edition of Enclave Cinema. This initiative is a platform linked to the audiovisual aspect through the screening of a selection of short films from a guest festival, in this case the Dona i Cinema International Biennial.

The festival reaches its seventh edition in January 2023, will give space to the best films made by women and a series of parallel activities to reflect on the role of women in the film industry, as well as promote other perspectives not always represented in the big screen.

ENCLAVE CINEMA will have the presence throughout the weekend of the festival's directors: Giovanna Ribes and Deborah Micheletti, as well as different directors and personalities linked to the audiovisual world through the Dona i Cinema International Biennial, with the objective of generating a platform for discussion about the proposals among the attending public through debates and participatory colloquiums. It will also have the participation and involvement of the Associació de Dones de la Foradà, the women's group of La Vall de Gallinera.

The Vall de Gallinera Municipal Council considers that these actions dignify and structure culture in the rural environment, considering culture as one of the agents to combat depopulation.

ENCLAVE CINEMA 2022 program

Friday September 23

9:30 p.m. Frontón de Benialí court (doors open from 20:00 with the “Carretera y Manta food truck” space).

This section is an immersion in the history of the festival through some of the works that have been awarded throughout the previous editions. With this section we want to present the essence of the Dona i Cinema International Biennial.

It will be presented by Deborah Micheletti, director of the Dona i Cinema International Biennial, and will have the participation of people linked to the projected productions.

Saturday September 24, 2022

10:00 a.m. Excursion leaving from the town hall, Benialí.

The day on Saturday is focused on the territory. Following the Corrals de la Carroja route, you will discover the artistic itinerary of Enclave Land Art 2021 with a guided tour. Previously, in the City Hall assembly hall, the monographs of the three Enclave Land Art 2021 projects that do not have a physical result will be screened.

9:30 p.m. Frontón de Benialí court (doors open from 8:00 p.m. with the food truck space on Carretera and Manta).

This section completes the conceptual proposal of Enclave Land Art: a duality present in any reality that conditions and defines us.

This section will be presented by Raül Julve, director of Enclave Cinema, and will be attended by people linked to the projected productions, with the intention of generating a debate that will help deepen their proposals.

Sunday 25 September 2022

10:30. Town hall building in Benialí

With this section, art and cinema merge. We dedicate an exhibition space to video art with the presence of women who are a benchmark in this discipline. The closing of the conference will become the beginning of the residence of Enclave Land Arte next November. The 7 selected projects from around the world will be announced to participate in the IV edition of Enclave Land Arte.

Information of interest

Contact phone: 654 64 44 15 | 643 414 921 Email:

Attendance is free and there will be a bar service inside the venue that will continue until the end of the colloquium.

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