Ondara bets on the Valencian pilot and will acquire the second trinquet

The acquisition will coincide with the program of commemorative events for the 150th anniversary of the Municipal Trinquet, which dates back to 1872
Property that will become the second trinquet / Ondara Town Hall

On the occasion of the celebration of the 150th birthday of the Ondara Municipal Trinquet This year, dating back to 1872, the Ondara City Council has promoted works, performances and improvements to this centenary sports facility. The consistory has begun negotiations to acquire what is known as the second minor trinquet, as announced by the Mayor, José Ramiro, and the Councilor for Heritage, Raquel López.

This second ratchet confronts the big ratchet; is next to the first one (the one used for example to pilota grossa) and has an access through a municipal plot on Rueda street, which will allow the possibility of integrating this plot into the installation of the ratchet.

The Ondara City Council is interested in connecting this endowment with the rear plot, which is also municipal property, to have greater accessibility for people with reduced mobility, as confirmed by the Mayor during the visit to the second trinquet. The acquisition of the same has already been agreed between the owner and the town hall.

It should be mentioned that the set of existing trinquets in Ondara between Solo, Rueda and San Benedicto streets, is made up of the main trinquet (the largest, built in 1872) and two smaller trinquets. In 2007, the Ondara City Council already acquired the main ratchet together with one of the two minor ones, which was later rehabilitated (2018).

Given the good condition of the second minor ratchet, which is part of a patio on a private plot, it has been considered necessary to acquire this property, which has been technically valued at 17,800 euros, this being the final value of the private purchase contract with the owner, who has expressed her agreement to segregate and sell 90.75 m² located at the bottom of the plot and that confront the Municipal Ratchet and the municipal plot of Calle La Rueda no. 17, for an amount of 17,800 euros. J

José Ramiro has expressed his satisfaction for this operation that will allow the Ondara City Council to continue reinforcing its commitment to the sport through the growth and improvement of the facilities for the practice of pelota.

On the other hand, the Mayor, José Ramiro; the Councilor for Sports, Mar Chesa; and the program coordinator, Toni Albert, have announced the complete program of commemorative events for the 150th anniversary of the Municipal Trinquet, which will take place from October 3 to 16, 2022.

This program has been prepared with the collaboration of the Ondara Valencian Pilota Club, which is also celebrating its 30th birthday this year; an ephemeris that has also been highlighted by the Ondara City Council.

Ondara Municipal Trinquet 150th anniversary programming

From October 3 to 14, Cloister of the Town Hall
PHOTOGRAPHIC EXHIBITION "150 years of Valencian ball in Ondara"
From 10 to 12, Municipal Ratchet
OPEN DAYS. Where you can play fat ball, brush and scale and rope. The Ball Club will provide adhesive tape, tesamoll and pilotas
Thursday, October 13

4 pm – Municipal Ratchet Celebration of the 30th Birthday of the Ondara Ball Club. Tribute to the pelotari Félix. Acknowledgments to some members of the Club, then a tribute will be made to the professional pelotari Félix de Dénia, a neighbor of our town.
Next, a professional game with the best pelotaris of the moment, with the participation of Félix
Vendres, October 14

8 pm – Meadow
BOOK PRESENTATION: “THE BALL IN ONDARA. XIX to XXI centuries” By the authors Robert Miralles and Toni Albert, and with the participation of Toni Ortolà, author of the cover and José Ramiro, Mayor of Ondara
Saturday, October 15

4:00 p.m. – Liberty Street
PRESENTATION of the Ball School and spectacular game of Largas
Sunday, October 16

1:00 p.m. – New Ronda Generalitat car park
INAUGURATION of the Plaza Paco Cabanes "Genovés"

4:30 p.m. – Municipal Ratchet
ACT of the 150th Birthday of the Ondara Municipal Ratchet
Exhibition of the Rebound modality, as it was carried out in the inauguration of 1872, by the professionals participating in the game that will be played later. Free entry to the game.

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