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Medal of Police Merit for the Calp Police officer who died in the act of duty

The funeral for Juan Manuel Policarpo is officiated in the Virgen de las Nieves church while Calp continues to mourn this tragic death
Calp observes five minutes of silence in memory of the Local Police Juan Manuel Policarpo. / Calp Town Hall

Today Tuesday, September 20, at 11 in the morning, in the Virgin of the Snows Church of Calp, will take place funeral of Juan Manuel Polycarp, the agent of local police who died over the weekend in the line of duty while trying to rescue the driver of a vehicle that was surprised by a flood in the Quisi ravine.

Yesterday afternoon the burning chapel of the policeman was installed in the Plenary Hall of the City hall calpino. Municipality that continues to mourn this tragic death. Calp decreed on Sunday five days of official mourning after knowing the death of this agent.

Juan Manuel Policarpo will be posthumously awarded with the Gold Medal for Police Merit of the Generalitat, with a different red for Civil Protection. This was announced by the Minister of Justice, Interior and Public Administration, Gabriela Bravo, who attended, together with the sub-delegate of the Government in Alicante, Araceli Poblador, a five-minute silent concentration that took place yesterday afternoon in front of the gates of the Calp Town Hall in memory of the agent.

5 days of mourning

Juan Manuel Polycarp, died while trying to rescue the driver of a vehicle that had been trapped and surrounded by water due to the rise of a ravine after the heavy rains that fell on Saturday night. From Sunday to Thursday the 22nd, the flags fly at half mast in all municipal buildings, they wear black crepe as a sign of mourning and all scheduled public events have been suspended.


It was 2 in the morning when the Calp Local Police received a notice from 112 about a vehicle that was trapped in the Empedrola urbanization, on a road that runs parallel to the riverbed in the municipality of Benissa. Due to its proximity, two patrols of the Calpina Local Police traveled to the place and found the vehicle surrounded by water with a man inside. In addition, the agents observed that a relative of the driver had also traveled to the area and that he had fallen into the water. from where he was rescued by the agents.

When trying to rescue the driver of the vehicle, a local police officer stepped on the wrong foot and fell into the water, being dragged by the current at high speed. Hours later, after 6:30 on Sunday morning, the lifeless body of this policeman was found, 2 kilometers downriver in the municipality of Calp.

The trapped vehicle was also swept away by the water with the driver inside, who finally managed to get out of the car and save his life, although he was taken to hospital.

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