Teulada Moraira hosts the first butoh dance show at the Gigante de Sal

The event confronts the sculpture 'Giant of Salt' by Coderch and Malavia with the dancer who was the inspiration for the creation of the work
The dancer Fred Herrera next to the sculpture 'Giant of Salt' / Teulada Town Hall

Next Thursday, September 15, Teulada Moraira will host the first show of the japanese dance Butoh that combines dance, music and sculpture on the same stage.

The unprecedented performance, performed by the dancer Fred Herrera and the saxophonist Javier Valerio, confronts the sculpture salt giant of Coderch and Malavia with Herrera himself, who was the inspiration for the creation of the work.

The show will take place on the Explanada del Castillo de Moraira, at 8:00 p.m., and both the Teulada City Council and the sculptors encourage you to attend this free event for all citizens. It should be noted that it will have the collaboration of the members of the local association El Portitxolet Theater in Moraira.

The international artists Fred Herrera and Javier Valerio, originally from Costa Rica, have created this unique show for its representation in the Alicante municipality. The original music by Valerio, a guest of the University of Costa Rica, will weave this Thursday the dialogue between the Japanese inspiration of the Butoh dance and the magic of monumental sculpture, coinciding with the national day of his country.

The show is presented as a "face to face between bronze and blood" where dancer and work finally come together since in 2019 the sculptors Coderch and Malavia, winners of the Reina Sofía Sculpture and Painting Award, developed the piece that It has already passed through Valencia, Munich, Capri or Toulouse, among other cities.

The 'Giant' is a symbol of hope and resurgence after collective crises such as the pandemic and wants to inspire and promote collaboration between peoples and people. Through this exhibition of various disciplines, Coderch y Malavia is once again committed to taking art out of the galleries and exhibiting it on the street.

The mayor of Teulada Moraira, Raúl Llobell, has assured that "it is a pleasure to receive the dancer Fred Herrera to be able to make visible the origins of the 'Giant of Salt', making both residents and visitors understand the reason for the sculpture, its meaning and its relation to the Butoh dance.

The performance will take place in a privileged and historic location facing the sea, such as the esplanade next to Moraira Castle, which will also play a role in the performance. Those interested in attending can confirm attendance before the 12th by emailing

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