The Municipal Pilot School of Ondara collects 10 regional trophies of the JECV 2021/2022

The Children's team has achieved this season the regional gold in all the modalities that it has played, which add up to a total of six
All players with prizes awarded / Ondara Town Hall
The Municipal School of Pilota of Ondara participated on September 24 in Valencia in the celebration of the XXXI Day of the Valencian Pilota, which featured the delivery of trophies to the best teams in the regional final phases of the XL Sports Games of the Valencian Community (led by the Valencian Pilota Federation) in the different modalities.
The Ondara Municipal Pilot School has achieved a total of 10 awards in the 2021/2022 season, with Juanma Garrido as coordinator and Arnau Oliver and Raúl Blasco as coaches.

The Benjamín de Ondara team has achieved 2 trophies; gold in get out and silver in pairs pediment. The Alevín team has collected 2 trophies this year; is runner-up in get out and runner-up in scale i chord. And finally, the Children's team got 6 trophies. This team has achieved regional gold this season in all the disputed modalities: escala i corda, raspall, galotxa, llargues, one wall pairs, and fronton pairs.

Both the Mayor of Ondara, José Ramiro, and the Sports Councilor, Mar Chesa, have congratulated the members of the Ondara Municipal Pilot School and their coaches, for the successes achieved throughout the past 2021-2022 season. José Ramiro accompanied the members of the school at the awards ceremony and expressed his pride that the Ondara school had achieved so many sporting successes.

Mar Chesa and José Ramiro have taken the opportunity to express the support of the Ondara City Council for local sports, such as the improvement of access to the ratchet, the upcoming acquisition of the second trinquet, or the celebration of the 150th birthday of the Ondara Municipal Trinquet (1872).

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