Apotheosis joint performance of the musical associations of El Poble Nou de Benitatxell for the 9 d'Octubre

The Band, the Colla La Llebetjà, the Parish Choir and the Grup de Danses Morro Falquí unite their musical talent for the first time
The Band, the Colla La Llebetjà and the Parish Choir / Town Hall of Poble Nou de Benitatxell

He October 9 was shown once again in El Poble Nou de Benitatxell that union is strength. Associations and local groups were involved in a highly participatory day that fostered ties of brotherhood and valued identity as a people. There was music, traditional dances, exhibitions, storytelling, popular food and chocolate in the afternoon, among other activities.

This year, a historic event took place at this party. For the first time, musical associations pooled their talents to offer joint performances. The Parish Choir began the concert cycle. Later, the Colla La Llebetjà and the Grup de Danses Morro Falquí offered a joint piece. Next, the Agrupación Musicomunicipal (Band) Santa María Magdalena, the Parish Choir and the Colla La Llebetjà joined forces. And, finally, the great climax was put by the Band and the Colla with a masterful interpretation of La Muixeranga, symbol of identity of the Valencian people.

Before, there was storytelling and a sheet metal workshop for the little ones. And throughout the day the exhibitions 'Military Temps' were exhibited, by the Associació de veïns del Poble Nou de Benitatxell; the posters on October 9 made by the students of the CEIP Santa Maria Magdalena and organized by the AMPA, and the bobbin exhibition by the Associació de Dones.

At lunchtime, hundreds of people gathered in the street for the brotherhood meal offered by the 2023 festeros and festeras. In the afternoon, the day continued with music by Toni Català organized by the Association of Retirees and Pensioners and chocolate offered by the Women's Association. In addition, throughout the day, there was bar service by the 2023 Festeros.

Sunday was not the only day of events for October 9. On Friday, September 30, the talk-conference 'Joan Fuster, our writer' was held by Isidre Crespo and presented by Vicent Serra, from 'Esmorzars de la Terra'. On Friday, October 7, the Colla del Portitxol and Pep Gimeno 'Botifarra' offered the concert 'El dolçainer del Portitxol'. And on Saturday the 8th there was an afternoon by the Festeros and the theater 'You're driving me crazy', by Los seven comedians.

In addition, from October 6 to 20, the exhibition 'Espart és part de la solució' on the work of esparto grass is available at the Municipal Library, and on October 14 the presentation of the book 'Soldats de Lleva' will take place at the Social Center ', by the villager Josep Colomer.

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