Ondara dedicates a square to Paco Cabanes 'Genovés' for the 150th anniversary of the Municipal Trinquet

The acts include a photographic exhibition and the presentation of the monographic book 'La pilota en Ondara, segles XIX al XXI'
photographic exhibition / Ondara Town Hall

Until October 16, the acts of the 150th anniversary of the Municipal Trinquet de Ondara (dating from 1872), with a program organized by the Department of Sports of the Ondara City Council, directed by Mar Chesa.

This programming has been prepared in collaboration with the Ondara Valencian Pilota Club, which this year is also celebrating its 30th anniversary; an ephemeris that has also been highlighted by the Ondara City Council. José Ramiro and Mar Chesa have praised the great work that the club does to promote native sports and the recovery of traditions. In fact, this club has received the first Distinction 9 d'Octubre Vila de Ondara this year in the institutional acts of October 9.


The 150th anniversary program of the Ondara Municipal Trinquet has already begun with the photographic exhibition 150 years of Valencian ball in Ondara, that can be visited in the Cloister of the Town Hall from October 3 to 14.

From October 10 to 12, the Municipal Trinquet will have Open Days, where you can play grossa pilota, raspall and escala i corda (the Pilota Club will provide adhesive tape, tesamoll and balls).

On Thursday, October 13 at 4:00 p.m., the Municipal Ratchet will celebrate the 30th Birthday of the Ondara Ball Club and Tribute to the pelotari Félix, with recognition of some members of the Club. Next, a professional game will be offered with Julio and Monrabal II against Carlos and Salva. On the Pilota Club's XXX Birthday, some fans will receive recognition.

Among those distinguished, for their work in favor of the entity, will be Joan Femenía, a teacher and then councilor, who was a pioneer in creating the local Pilota School, when they did not yet exist, only in three or four towns; Enric Estarca, founding member of the local Club in 1992, and promoter of the Ball School in 2002-2003; Mateu Fornés and Pep Poquet, who re-created the School, when they didn't even have a ratchet, reviving the ball in the town; and Ismael Company, who was 10 years old when 'uncle Emilio', the ratchet maker, was already leaving office. He was a great amateur player, a ratchet player for a long time and has always been appreciated by everyone.

On Friday, October 14 in Prado, at 8:00 p.m., the book will be presented The ball in Ondara. 19th to 21st centuries, by the authors Robert Miralles and Toni Albert, with the participation of Toni Ortolà, author of the cover and José Ramiro, Mayor of Ondara. The book dedicated to local baseball will be a reality thanks to the efforts of many months of work by the authors, who have conducted interviews with all those who have had minimal contact with the ball.

On Saturday, October 15 at 4:00 p.m. on Calle Libertada, the official presentation of the Escola Municipal de Pilota will take place, followed by a spectacular game of Llargues with two powerful teams with players from the town and the region.

And, to culminate the events of the Pilota week, on Sunday, October 16 at 1:00 p.m., the Plaza Paco Cabanes "Genovés" will be inaugurated, in the new Ronda Generalitat car park. Ondara thus pays homage to "Genovés"; town where the legendary pelotari played many games, especially in his early days, in the 70s.

The same Sunday at 4:30 p.m., at the Municipal Trinquet, the 150th anniversary ceremony of the Ondara Municipal Trinquet will be held, which will feature an exhibition of the Rebound modality (as it was done at the inauguration of 1872), at charge of the professionals participating in the game that will be played later: Puchol II, Nacho and feridor against Giner, Tomás II and Héctor (free entry to the game).

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