The actress Beatriz Rico presents her comedy show 'Before dead than convicted' in Xàbia

The theater will have free access and will be held in the Multipurpose Hall of the Portal del Clot on Friday, November 18
Comic Show Poster / Teulada Town Hall

The well-known actress Beatrice Rico will present next Friday, November 18, at Xàbia his comedy show Before dead than convicted. The Department of Culture, directed by Quico Moragues, continues to be committed to incorporating great acting figures into its theatrical programming and, in addition, facilitating access to the population with popular prices or free shows.

In this case, the theater will have free access and will be held in the Multi-purpose Hall of the Portal del Clot. To make the public more comfortable, Culture has activated an application for prior booking or ticket purchase that will begin to work precisely in this activity.

Those interested can secure a seat through the link  which will be active from Friday, November 11 at 9 a.m. For people who do not use the internet, there will also be physical tickets available at the Casa de Cultura from the 11th.

Beatriz Rico puts herself in the shoes of a woman who, after spending several months in jail, begins to work for the benefit of the community. A vertiginous monologue with gags, imitations, jokes and musical flashes. Absurd reflections and crazy situations that serve to break down life as a couple and its complications with humor, the eternal differences between men and women that are usually the reason for quarrels, the importance of fighting for dreams and the neuras that we all experience on a daily basis. day, showing that by not taking ourselves so seriously and knowing how to laugh at ourselves, life is a joke.

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