The Ondara Pilota Club recognizes founders and fans on its 30th anniversary

The distinctions were given to Joan Femenia, Enric Estarca, Mateu Fornés, Pep Poquet and Ismael Company
People recognized on the spot / Ondara Town Hall

This week the acts of the 150th Anniversary of the Ondara Municipal Trinquet (dated 1872), with a program organized by the Department of Sports of the City of Ondara, directed by Mar Chesa. This program has been prepared with the collaboration of the Ondara Valencian Pilota Club, which this year celebrates its 30th anniversary. In fact, this club has received the first Distinction 9 de'Octubre Vila d'Ondara this year in the institutional acts of October 9.

Yesterday, Thursday, October 13, the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Pilota Club was commemorated at the Municipal Trinquet with recognition of some members of the Club. Toni Albert, on behalf of the Club and the organizers, highlighted the virtues of those distinguished. People who, in addition to founding the CPV Ondara, gave life to the pilot school.

The Mayor of Ondara, José Ramiro, and the Councilor for Sports, Mar Chesa, along with the president of the Pilota Club, Raquel Sivera, were in charge of delivering the recognitions and praised the great task that the club does to promote sport autochthonous and the recovery of traditions.

The distinctions were given to Joan Femenia, a teacher who promoted the pilot school; Enric Estarca, as one of the founders of the club; to Mateu Fornés and Pep Poquet, who recovered the school (at a time when they no longer had a ratchet) and started it up again; and to Ismael Company, the 'lifelong marxador', who went out of his way for the pilota and who took the baton from "Uncle Emili Ferrando" as a ratcheter. They all received recognition. They also wanted to highlight the trajectory of the pelotari Félix de Dénia, a resident of Ondara, who has announced that he is retiring this year.

It must be remembered that the Ondara Municipal Trinquet 150th Anniversary program has been held throughout the week. Tomorrow, Saturday, October 15 at 4:00 p.m. on Calle Libertada, the official presentation of the Escuela Municipal de Pilota will take place, followed by a spectacular game of Llargues between Ondara and Xàbia.

And to culminate the events of the week, this Sunday at 1:00 p.m., the Plaza Paco Cabanes "Genovés" will be inaugurated, in the new Ronda Generalitat car park, which has been opened to widen an area of the old town. Ondara wants to do him a tribute like this. It was the town where the legendary pelotari played many games, especially in his early days, in the 70s.

This square has been created by setting it in the world of the pilota, with a large mural painted by Larouch and dedicated to the Genoese, and with references to the municipal trinquet (on one of its walls you can see the inscription «Blaspheming is prohibited. Year 1872» , which was in the municipal ratchet before the reform works).

Finally, at 4:30 p.m. in the Municipal Trinquet, the act of the 150th Anniversary of the Ondara Municipal Trinquet will be held, which will have an exhibition of the Rebound modality (as it was done at the inauguration of 1872), by of the professionals participating in the game that will be played afterwards: Puchol II, Nacho and feridor against Giner, Tomás II and Héctor (free entry to the game).

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