The sanitation of the accounts allows Ondara a drop in the IBI

The Government Team proposes lowering it from 0.67 to 0.64 and ensures that municipal collection will be similar to that of 2022
Town hall building / Ondara Town Hall

He Ondara Town Hall It currently enjoys completely healthy municipal coffers, with a tonnage certificate (liquid money in public accounts) of 2,670,812 euros in October 2022. It has done so having already settled all its loans, which it has been able to amortize in previous years thanks to savings measures and having made all the investments with funds from the City Council itself, without resorting to new debts.

In 2015, when the current Government Team came to govern, the first counting certificate signed by the Treasury Councilor was 55,920 euros; City Council loans amounted to 3,778,000 euros, and the debt per inhabitant was 569 euros.

Thanks to the liquidity and current solvency of the municipal accounts, it is intended to apply by 2023 a decrease in the IBI receipt that the residents of Ondara pay. The decrease will be 4.48% of the receipt, going from a current tax rate of 0.67 to 0.64. This measure will mean a drop in all urban IBI receipts from the town. The reduction in the IBI tax rate will be raised for approval in the ordinary plenary session this October 2022.

Although the reduction of the IBI will mean a drop in income in the municipal budgets of 2023 (and this taking into account that the prices of everything are rising), the current economic situation of the Ondara City Council will allow it to assume this decrease in income without bankruptcy to municipal accounts or pass on a higher cost to citizens. Regarding this, the Mayor, José Ramiro, wanted to highlight that the debt per inhabitant in Ondara is currently zero euros.

Now, for the next financial year of 2023, the current economic situation of the Ondara City Council will allow us to propose a new lowering of the IBI going from a current tax rate of 0.67 to 0.64, which will mean a drop of 4.48% of the receipt . This proposal, as stressed by the Mayor, will lighten the tax burden on the citizens of Ondara at a particularly difficult time for everyone, due to inflation, energy costs and the rise in interest rates that affect all families.

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