José Chulvi: "The tripartite has something that unites them: to go against the previous government".

The former mayor of Xàbia and leader of the opposition in the Town Hall has visited the Dénia FM studios.

The former mayor of Xàbia and leader of the opposition in the Town Hall, the socialist José Chulvi says that the government team (PP, CpJ and Vox) "does not roll" and has not seen the change they advocated after the municipal elections.

This morning, Chulvi visited the Dénia FM studios to evaluate the first months of the tripartite government. For the socialist, no dynamics of change has been seen, nor does he consider that the local government has "a project, nor a model for the city", and he insists that the only change they wanted was "you get out of the way, I'm coming in". He also notes "little coordination" between the three groups that make up the executive, and adds that the only thing they have in common is "to go against the previous government and, specifically, against me personally". In this sense, he recalled the defamation campaign carried out at the end of the previous legislature.

Asked if he continues to call it, as he did months ago, the "pact of shame", the socialist leader recalls that there has been no press conference of the three parties together in recent months, and now qualifies it as "the pact of shamelessness"; justifying it by the issue of Amjasa, considering that "we (the PSPV-PSOE) have been disrespected" because the proportionality of municipal representatives obtained by the main opposition group has not been transferred.

Regarding the fact that it was not possible to reach an agreement with Ciudadanos por Jávea, to govern in coalition during this term, Chulvi recalled that they already governed with the independent party in the 2011-15 term, together with Xàbia Democrática, too; Then in 2015, when the PSPV-PSOE obtained a majority of 14 councillors, both Compromís per Xàbia and CpJ were offered councillorships; and in 2019, also with an absolute socialist majority in the government, in the last stretch of the legislature CpJ also had councillorships. During this last period, Chulvi points out that "there was no problem and if there was a problem it was not verbalised". However, he pointed out that "we do not look to the past", and affirms that "we are clear about where we are, and we will make a serious and constructive opposition". On the contrary, he said he doubted that those who govern "know where they are", because in his opinion "they continue to oppose us".

In addition to assessing the municipal management during these first months of the legislature, the former mayor has spoken about those projects that he would have liked to see completed during his term as mayor. This is the case of the municipal auditorium, recalling that both this and the municipal swimming pool (whose construction is still underway) were two of Xàbia's historic demands. He also stressed that "the great project for us has been the people", in reference to the various aids approved during the socialist government to improve the economic resources of citizens, SMEs and entrepreneurs.

At the supra-municipal level, Chulvi is deputy spokesman for the PSPV-PSOE in Les Corts Valencianes, stressing that from the Valencian parliament he will work "for Xàbia and for the whole Marina Alta"; in areas such as health, education and culture. He also denounced the "attack on the Valencian language" by the current Consell and the promotion of "a war that no longer existed".

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