The mayors of the Marina Alta request a meeting with the Minister of Health

The intention is to know the roadmap of this Department on the reversal of the management of the Department of Health of Dénia
Photo / Miriam Pagan

The mayors of the Marina Alta request a meeting with the new Minister of Health, to address the issue of public health in the region.

The Xarxa of Mayors of the region, made up of municipalities of all political colors (PSPV-PSOE, PP, Compromís and independent parties) has agreed to request a meeting with Marciano Gómez to learn about the roadmap that the Department has set out in the process of reversing the health management of the Dénia Health Department, with a view to the completion of the contract with the current concessionaire on January 31, 2024.

This meeting is requested after the meetings that Gómez has already held with the Management of the Dénia Hospital and the Marina Salud Business Committee.

The mayor of Dénia, Vicent Grimalt, has indicated that "as representatives of the citizens of the region, we want the Minister of Health to explain it to us in the meeting that we are going to ask for."

Words that have been ratified by the mayor of Ondara and president of the Health Council of the Marina Alta, José Ramiro, who has highlighted that the intention is to "clarify this roadmap regarding the termination of the contract, the reversion rules and other procedures." that are being carried out by the Consell»; adding that "the will of all mayors to defend the interests of our neighbors" has been revealed.

For his part, the mayor of Benissa and coordinator of the PP in the Marina Alta, Arturo Poquet, has taken the opportunity to share the conversation held with the councilor himself, after his meetings with the management and health workers. Conversation in which the regional representative told him that an audit is being carried out to determine the shortcomings and needs. We all agree that what we want is the best health for our region and neighbors.

Poquet also points out that the councilor told him that "imminently, in the coming weeks he will recover the collective agreement that the workers agreed upon with the management of the Department" to improve their employment situation. The popular representative has stated, after that conversation, that "the reversal continues, from the first moment, unless there is an agreement from the plenary session or from the Generalitat Valenciana itself", pointing out that this is the information available and he conveyed the counselor; although he considers that it is Gómez himself who has to transfer her, hence that appointment has been requested so that he can inform them first-hand.

Finally, the mayor of Pego, Enrique Moll, recalled that all the mayors of the region have been united on this issue, and motions have been approved in the plenary sessions of their respective Town Councils. Moll stressed that "we do not want rumors", adding that a "climate of uncertainty has been created and that the workers do not know what is going to happen, nor do the citizens of the region." The socialist has stated that "we want to have first-hand information, know what the intentions are and from there start working."

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