Two people arrested in Dénia for stealing from homes

By the "slip" method
Photo: / National Police

The National Police have arrested two people, in Dénia, in different interventions, for stealing from homes.

In the first case, agents assigned to the Citizen Assistance Group of the National Police Station in Dénia have arrested a man, of Algerian nationality and 60 years of age, for allegedly stealing from the interior of several homes in a residential complex. located a few meters from the Playa de Les Marines beach, all thanks to citizen collaboration.

One of the residents of the property alerted the National Police as he observed the strange and vigilant behavior of a man who entered and left one of the homes that was not his.

Upon the arrival of the agents, they were able to locate the detainee who was trying to flee in a hurry through another of the exits of the residential complex, although, thanks to the rapid police action, he was intercepted, verifying that he was carrying effects and cash from some homes that he would have accessed by the slip method, using a flexible plastic with which he would exert force on the latch to open the main door of the home and access them.

On the other hand, in a home near the seaport, the National Police was alerted by a neighbor, as he had surprised a stranger inside his home.

Upon the arrival of the agents assigned to the Citizen Assistance Group of the National Police Station, they observed how the applicant was holding a 54-year-old woman of Croatian origin and told them that this woman had agreed minutes before. to his home while he remained inside.

The victim relates that moments before she was in the shower when she could hear the doorbell of her home ringing several times. Since he was taking a shower, he could not answer and continued with his task, listening seconds later as someone manipulated the door lock since sounds of scratching could be heard from the outside, so he hurried to get dressed. When he finished putting on some clothes and opened the bathroom door, he found himself face to face with an unknown woman inside his home who ran out into the public street while shouting “run, run, they have caught us”, being caught. this by the requester, although he could not catch up with a man who was running in front of the woman and his identity and whereabouts are still being investigated.

The agents proceeded to arrest the woman, and she was taken to police stations.


The slip is a mechanism that has the door to leave it closed when it is slammed, without a key. When closing the door, it is wedged into the frame to prevent it from opening on its own, but this latch acts with a spring, therefore, if it is the only holding point of a door, it could be easily opened using the latch system with a plastic or card.

The National Police advises locking the doors of your homes with a key or other security elements when you are not inside to avoid these crimes. If, on the other hand, they are inside the home, a good measure would be to install an additional lock that is activated from the inside and prevents access by strangers without your consent.

The two detainees were placed at the disposal of the Investigating Court acting as the Dénia Guard for the commission of several alleged crimes of robbery with force in an inhabited house.

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